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Online Personal Training

Nutrition Counseling


A healthy lifestyle starts in the kitchen. Discover how to develop a fat incinerating metabolism. view

Weight Training Programs


Train hard, but also smart. Drastically increase the effectiveness of your weight training. view

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Visit our Shop for SUF athletic apparel, merchandise, and many other accesories. view


Welcome to Sci-Unison Fitness

Thank you for taking the time to visit Home to one of the best personal trainers long island ny and the country has to offer. Sci-Unison Fitness is a NO-NONSENSE approach that uses sound scientific methods coupled with hard work. This site was created in order to help people all across the world reach their health and fitness goals through online personal training . Everything done here is to promote a NATURAL approach to health and fitness. From beginner all the way up to natural bodybuilding and figure contest preparation, SUF has you covered.

SUF does not rely on a generic one-size fits all approach to proper weight training and nutrition. The reason is simple… WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT AND UNIQUE ! Body type, metabolic rate, age, genetics, and lifestyle are all very important variables that need to be accounted for. Allow Sci-Unison Fitness to account for these variables. You wont regret it.

Flexible Payment Planssuf-payment-plan-thumb

Don’t put your wallet on a “Crash Diet.” Easy, flexible, auto monthly payments for any budget. view

SUF Website Membership


Become a member to the website and gain the tools to improve your physique and health.view

In-Gym Personal Training


One-on-One personal training as well as Outdoor Junkyard Group Fitness classes. view

red-square-icon-business-thumbs-up1Benefits of an SUF Program

  • Ease of operation– All the training charts, workout plans, meal plans and presentations are easy to follow and understand.
  • Structure– Your program will provide the structure needed to reach your health and fitness goals.
  • Realistic Goal Setting–   The goals we set are achievable as well as realistic. The objective is to maximize and push the limits of your own personal genetic potential. 

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Make Progress, Not Excuses !