2011 INBF Hercules Reflection


This was the year that I made my return to the bodybuilding stage and chose the INBF Hercules. I wanted to compete at last years INBF Hercules, but an A/C joint injury got in the way. Going into this show prep I was actually very nervous. I hadn’t competed since 2007 and I knew there would be alot of ring rust. The diet and training par

ts were relatively easy for me considering I have dieted every year since 2004 (which has limited my growth potential) for either competition of for photos. The issues that really concerned me were a few poses that I felt uncomfortable with along with the exposure f
actor. What I mean by exposure factor is
when you diet for photos, you can always hide weaker areas, you always have a mirror to look in, and you can pick and choose which photos you want. When you step on stage, you are completely exposed. You are on display and being judged by your peers. It is a very intense experience.

When I competed in 2007 there was no Sci-Unison Fitness. I was on the road to being a teacher and although I always want to do well, there were fewer external pressures. Going into this show, I felt the heavy burden and pressure of representing my company and leading by example. I just wanted my family, friends, clients and supporters to be proud of my and my effort put into the show. There are a ton of variables that cannot be controlled in this sport but despite that I just wanted to be bring the best possible package that I could bring.

I honestly felt that this year was the best I have ever looked by far. I was also happy to squash out my fears I had of certain poses. I really started to find my way this year. I wouldnt of been able to do it without the pressure of the show.

I ended up placing 3rd out of 5 in a very tough open heavyweight class. The guys on stage were monsters lol and I was obviously the lightest up there. However, I also feel like I was the best conditioned, had the sickest legs, and glutes, and I liked my color the best. On that day the chips fell where they did. Everyone in the class were great competitors and it was a pleasure to be on stage with them. After the show people would ask me if I was happy with my placing. Of course I am and was. Do you see the people I stepped on stage with ?? It was a fierce heavyweight battle. And the fact that I was able to edge out a 3rd place being the lightest up there was a great accomplishment.


^ I am all the way to the left


^ I am second in from the left


I had always said that in my first open heavyweight show my goal was to place top 3.


Mission Accomplished.

Now it is back to the drawing board. I have made the decision not to fall into the yearly diet. Dieting every year to below 6 % bf and finishing at the same time (June) gives me roughly only 7-8 months of growth time. This has been the case for the past 6 or so years. This has been a major limiting factor in my muscle building potential and my quest to fill out for my height (6’2 with a 6’6 wingspan). With that being said, I am now going long, and setting my eyes on the 2013 INBF Hercules. This will give me 17+ months of growth time. I am very excited to bring a bigger, fuller, but just as conditioned package to that show. Yeah I know its a long time from now, but I love the long term goals. I am also excited to not be limited as I have been in the past. So once again, I will bring the noise and although I cannot guarantee my placing due to factors I cannot control, I can guarantee that it will be the absolute best version of Ryan Sullivan to date. Here we go.

I wanted to congratulate SUF teammates Cody Wyer and Fred Miller on a job well done at the Hercules. Cody took 3rd place in a tough and deep open lightweight class. Fred took 1st place in the novice A class and was added to the list of quality SUF competitors who have won and broken out of the novice division. Great work by the both of them.

I also wanted to thank the INBF/WNBF, Rich Fitter, Charlie and all the others who helped put on the show. The INBF Hercules and Naturalmania are two greatly run and highly competitive natural shows. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. The show was long (as they always are) but was run very smooth. It was a pleasure and we will all be back. Count on it.

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