1. Alicia Cusumano – 4th place Novice Figure

2. Kevin Terrier – 2nd place Novice Heavyweight

3. Tyrone Robinson – 1st place Open Bantam weight. Pro Card Winner

4. Leroy Hopkins – TBA

5. James Schmalfuss – TBA


First off was Alicia, and boy did she set the tone. In a highly competitive novice figure class she took home 4th place out of 7 competitors in her first ever figure competition. She was prepped extremely well and hit all of her poses with perfection. Throughout the process I took care of her training and diet, and fellow SUF teammate Jessica Janicek handled her posing and stage presence.  I am fully confident that in time she will make even more progress and climb the ranks of the novice figure division.

Next to take the stage was another first time competitor, Kevin Terrier. Kevin has a ton of potential and will be a force to reckoned with. He managed to take 2nd place in a grueling novice heavyweight class. I had him as 1st place in my book, but regardless, the show will be used for future motivation. He stepped on stage and got the job done. His poses were hit with perfection, and he never seemed to tire. In the off season he will be looking to make some slight improvements to the legs, and once that happens, heavyweights everywhere better watch out !

Right after Kevin, came Tyrone. Tyrone and I put everything we had into this prep and boy did it show. Last year was his first appearance as a bantam weight and his conditioning was spot on, but the judges still claimed it was an issue, mainly in the hamstring/ glute area. I knew for certain that the conditioning wasn’t an issue. So him and I got together and made critical adjustments to the posing and he learned how to make those hamstring pop. Once this was achieved, we knew he wouldn’t be denied. His appearance and performance was so dominant, yet graceful. All of his poses and transitions were flawless. Everyone in the crowd was in awe. Later that night, Tyrone Robinson took home first place and earned his pro card. He will go down in SUF History and our first pro.

Next up was Leroy. Leroy in the off season made some improvements to the legs but continued to suffer from a relentless work schedule. The high demand on him took its toll during this prep. He did look better than his last show, but there are improvements that still have to be made. He also is in a super competitive light weight class. He needs to focus on leg development and posing, as well as getting the much needed rest his body requires. I stand by my assessment that with the necessary improvements and changes, Leroy can become a top 5 guy. His upper body is very big and symmetrical, but his legs need work. This fact showed today. From the waist up, Leroy can hang and bang, but from the waist down, there were major issues. I will continue to work with and push Leroy to reach his full potential. We will make the adjustments needed in the posing, focus on the legs (posing and growth) and get him to REST.

Last up was James. This was his first open class appearance after coming off the Naturalmania Novice class win 2 years ago. This prep landed him into the light heavyweight class. This class was probably the hardest class of the night. And once again, another competitor fell victim to their legs. From the waist up James was good, but from the waist down there were posing issues along with size issues. Everyone in the class had big, deeply separated legs. This is what hurt James. James failed to place in the top 5, but it wasnt a lost cause for us. Since we weren’t in contention, we began to experiment with new foods and carb totals in order to see what effect they would have on his physiue. This information will prove critical to his next peak week and show day. James held his head high and turned a negative into a positive. I know James from North Babylon High School. We both played together on a championship football team. And  he is one hard nosed son of a bitch, and I know he will bounce back from this with a vengeance. That’s just the North Bab way. We will make the adjustments in the posing, make the gains in the legs, and we will have a bullet proof peak week lined up.