Chris J. Transformation

Extreme physique transformation by a hardworking client of online personal trainer Ryan Sullivan of Sci-Unison Fitness

Chris J. SUF Transformation 

Start Weight – 159 lbs.

Mid Point Weight – 170 lbs

End Weight – 148 lbs

Details – After making incredible gains on his own, Chris decided to join up with Sci-Unison Fitness. He set a goal to compete at the 2014 INBF Naturalmania. From the start our goal was initially to put on a little more mass, maintain it for a short period, and then begin the contest preparation. His contest prep has gone great. As you can see from the photos he is shredded up and has a nice density to his muscles. Alot of focus has also been placed on his posing and presentation. He is a great supporter, client, and friend. And come September 20th 2014 he will also be a great representation of Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding.



Chris J Personal Transformation


Details – Chris Jenkins is a new and aspiring personal trainer. His journey and transformation is truly inspiring. This initial transformation was accomplished on his own, without the help of SUF ! He put in alot of serious work and added a ton of muscle mass to his frame. Proof that he will be a great personal trainer to his clients. Chris Jenkins is SUF Approved !