About Ryan Sullivan

About-Ryan-Sullivan-websiteRyan Sullivan is a certified Long Island Personal Trainer currently providing services to the Long Island area including Nassua and Suffolk County and as an online personal trainer for clients nationwide.

Birthday: 4/9/1983

Height: 6’2

Weight: 230 off season, 197 contest

Current Gym: World Gym Babylon

Interests/ Hobbies: Obviously weight training, so I wont elaborate on that. I enjoy spending time with my 3 dogs Jade, Kho, and Rogue. I absolutely love these girls. I also enjoy reading alot, non fiction books though, unless its a comic book. Men’s fashion, building and working with computers, and Marvel comics and movies are some of the other things that I enjoy. My Photos

Why I started: I was always the heavy kid growing up. The thought of taking my shirt off in front of anyone would give me severe anxiety. There were no beach days or pools parties in my early years. I had always worked out hard, maybe not as smart as I do now, but the effort was there. I started to realize that there were severe problems with my eating habits and I decided to make a change. I quit smoking cigarettes and eating like a slob. I wanted to make a change to my health and my appearance.

Motivation: Progress, success, and a sense of accomplishment. I am not good at idling or running in place. In order for me to be truly happy I have to be moving forward or working towards something. The feeling of success is something I chase and try to build upon. Life is short, and I realize that, so my true motivation comes from trying to accomplish as much as humanly possible while I am here. I want to be remembered, and I want to make a difference.

Favorite Natural Bodybuilders: Ben Tenessen and Brian Whitacre


– Creator Of Sci-Unison Fitness Inc., Team SUF, SUFJYT JunkYard Training, SUFEPC Elite Posing Clinic

– Workouts and tips published in Muscle and Fitness Magazine – view articles

– Personal Trainer of the Month at Bodybuilding.com

– Personal Trainer of the Month at World Physique.com

– Official Personal Trainer for BoostNaturalTestosterone.com 

– Sponsored Athlete and Member of Team Nutrabio 

– Competitive Natural Bodybuilder – view contest results

The Physique Technician


When people ask what I do for a living, saying that I am a personal trainer doesn’t begin to express or demonstrate the passion I have for the fitness industry. The title of personal trainer does not capture the effort and personal touch that I provide to each client. I am not here to blend in or be part of the norm. I am here to revolutionize the position of “personal trainer.”

Personal trainers are a dime a dozen these days. What I do and offer is at a much higher level. I am in the business of changing, building, and mastering the human physique; internally and externally. I am in the business of changing peoples lives. I am the “Physique Technician“.