About Team SUF



Team SUF is natural bodybuilding competition team run under Sci-Unison Fitness. It caters to natural drug free athletes and competes in only drug tested shows such as the WNBF, OCB, DFAC, NGA, and NANBF. Team SUF provides coaching for all the major divisions such as bodybuilding, figure, bikini, fit body, and men’s physique. In addition, posing and stage presence services are provided through the Elite Posing Clinic (SUFEPC) . The advantage of Team SUF is that all our services are under one united brand which means all the variables are properly accounted for.


SUF will build you a personalized training program for your contest prep. These programs include full training charts and workout plans tested by bodybuilding and figure champions. Or let us take your current training regimen and tweak it best suited to your goals.


Your nutrition will be constantly monitored and adjusted for the duration of your prep. There is no wasted time and the adjustments come exactly when you need them. Everything we do is precision based which allows SUF to fine tune your physique to perfection.

Stage Presence

We ensure that you display your physique and hard work in the best possible manner. The best physique on stage goes to waste if one doesn’t know how to present it. Learn how to properly hit your poses. Discover the tips and tricks of coloring and sheen to look your best


The benefits of being a member of Team SUF goes well past the gym, kitchen, and the stage. One of the aspects that other teams overlook the most is successful marketing. Team SUF goes above and beyond to increase athlete visibility and exposure through successful and creative public relations management.

For more details please visit the Official Team SUF Website