August 2012 Training Update

Yes, i know.. I have been slacking once again with my training updates. But it is all for good reason. I have alot of projects I am currently working on along with a large influx of new clients.

Its been a while, so here we go…

So I have been working on my own version of a full body routine for close to 3 years. Each time I tried it something bugged me and I decided to step away. This time I feel like I finally nailed it. I did some careful modifications to the program and now I can truly stand behind it 110%.

I named the program the 2FP which is short for Frequency Focus Physique. The thing that is so awesome about the program is the careful balance between full body routines and the concept of increased training frequency, and the focus days and the concept of volume. The added frequnecy ensured that I was hitting all the major muscle groups almost double the amount in a single month. There wasn’t much room for isolation based movements so with limited amount of sets per body part the only way is to use all the big compund movements. Best bang the buck. The Focus and cleanup  days then took care of the isolation based movements.

I felt awesome on this program and def made some gains. I was also able to eat much more and maintain my same body weight. This is due to the increased calorie burn that takes place during the full body routines.

I used my Polar watch to track my calories and here are the results:


What I also learned was that I cannot stay on this routine forever. I started to notice that after 3 months of 2FP that I started to feel burned out. I typically take off 7-10 days every 3-4 months anyway so it worked out. My plan is to keep a constant rotation of 2-3 months of 2FP with 2-3 months of the traditional training splits. This will ensure variety and balance.

I am now testing a new split/routine that focuses more on Arms and shoulder development. These are my two weaker spots and I am trying to bring them to maximum potential. I have created a blueprint for a program that seeks to keep my other bodyparts at maintenance levels while giving my shoulders and arms the added attention. Again, the key is striking a careful balance without over training. I also don’t want to neglect my stronger body parts which would lead to some atrophy. So once again, I am at it again. If this plan works out I hope to have it available to start 2013.

Along the way I have revisited some of the exercises that I havent done for a long time. The main one was Bent Over Barbell Rows. I never liked this exercise. Then again, I always tried to place it as an under 8 rep power movement. FOR ME, I dont like doing this exercise with a large amount of weight. When I do, and I bend foward enough to be in a good position, it puts alot of strain on my lower back. I have learned to keep the one arm dumbbel rows as a power movement since I can support myself witht he other hand. I have placed Barbell Rows in that 10-12 and even 12-15 rep range. The lighter weight allows me to focus on form without worrying about injury. I am glad to have this exercise back.

In terms of how I look… I have definetly gotten thick. I am about 235 pounds. A little heavier than I want, but its not the end of the world. Within the coming weeks I plan to take it down to about 225-230. Nothing crazy. Here is a recent photo….


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