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Burning Your Workouts into a Fun Game

Burning Your Workouts into a Fun Game

Adapting Bingo as A Way to Make Exercises More Engaging

Doing an exercise routine over and over again will become tedious at some point. And here’s where creativity marks its importance – especially when it comes to sticking to your regular workout and avoiding the factor of burning out. One way to diversify your routines is to incorporate gaming elements to your workouts. A simple game that can be easily applied to any exercise regimen would be the numbers card game – bingo.

Bingo is a classic game that almost everyone is familiar with. By using the game’s uncomplicated mechanics, you can start creating your own fun exercise routines. You can easily go to Facebook and try on Bingoblitz, or join the increasing online gaming community in Bingogodz, to have a better feel of how much the game is becoming increasingly popular especially among younger generations.

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Intra-Workout Supplementation

Everyone is so busy focusing on pre and post workout supplementation that many neglect what they put in their body while the hard work is being done. I am a firm believer in the premise that Intra-Workout Supplementation is equally important as pre and post.

I will start by stating that water and/or Gatorade simply is NOT enough for someone who trains at an advanced level. Therefore, I have created an Intra-Workout Supplementation protocol that I believe works extremely well.

Here is a breakdown of the ingredients I use….

The 3 ingredients below I mix in a water bottle containing roughly 30-60 fl oz.

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The Top 3 Most Misunderstood and Over Used “Health Foods” in America

I was so excited when Ryan asked that I do a guest post on his blog! After the excitement wore off, the reality hit me… ”what on Earth are you going to write about, Liz?” I have no shame in saying I pondered over that question for quite some time. When I finally decided on my topic, the ideas just flowed, but I was able to condense down the most annoying foods on the market to me to these three things (broad things.. I do admit). Check it out!

1) Soy based ANYTHING

soy-plantHow soy became a “health food” is beyond me.. Americans always go to extremes! Bigger houses, bigger cars, “O, you say soy is healthy? Let’s add it in EVERYTHING!” Back in the day, Japanese culture used FERMENATED SOY often and yes it was a healthful food. HOWEVER, most soy found in the USA today is GM (genetically modified…in case you didn’t know- which is a bad thing… think lab with chemicals..) and even MORE is unfermenated which means it hasn’t had all the anti-nutrients removed from it. Soy has an inherint ability to strip the body of minerals. It can lead to thyroid dysfunction, hormone disturbances, cardiovascular problems. But the food ol’ USA keeps pumping it out into over 6000 packaged foods and even promoting that it is good for you.

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