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2013 INBF Hercules Team Sci-Unison Fitness

2013 INBF Hercules Natural Bodybuilding results for Team Sci-Unison Fitness


Cody W – 1st Place Open Light Weight – Pro Card Winner / Overall Winner

Jessica J – 1st Place Fit Body – Pro Card Winner / 2nd Place Open Figure Short

Fred M – 1st Place Open Bantam Weight – Pro Card Winner

James S – 3rd Place Open Middle Weight

Kevin T – 2nd Place Novice Heavy Weight

Taniya B – 4th Place Fit Body / 5th Place Open Figure Short

Alicia C – 8th Place Bikini / 4th Place Novice Figure

Vincent C – 2nd Place Master 50+ / 5th Place Novice Heavy

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IIFYM – If It Fits Your Macros

IIFYM2IIFYM stands for If It Fits Your Macros.  The word ‘Macro’ is short for Macro Nutrient. The major macro nutrients are protein, carbs, and fat.

The concept behind IIFYM is that it doesn’t matter what food sources you choose, as long as you hit your target macro levels at the end of the day. This idea throws the who idea of “CLEAN” eating on its head as it has been proven that one can eat a little “DIRTY” and still get in contest shape.

IIFYM isnt for everyone though. While you are able to eat more exciting foods during the diet, it isn’t a free for all. Everything in the meal is still counted and monitored. Making some of these meals fit in your diet can be a challenge in terms of the daily math. In addition, some people just aren’t ready mentally for such flexibility. Give them the green light to have a pop tart within their macros, and next thing you know, the box is gone. For these two reasons, I don’t recommend this style of dieting to beginners.

A common misconception is that these “cheat” style meals are eaten all day long. This is far from the case. If these meals were eaten all day, macro counts would surely end up out of whack. The key is striking a balance between traditional “clean” eating and the new world of IIFYM.

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Team Sci-Unison Fitness 2013 INBF Hercules Hat Trick

The 2013 INBF Hercules is a natural bodybuilding show and witnessed Team Sci-Unison Fitness win 3 pro cards and the overall title in the same night.


The INBF Hercules has always been my favorite show to both compete at and to bring a team into. It is where I won my novice class in 07, took 3rd in the Open Heavyweight class in 2011, and where I got my first Pro Tyrone Robinson in 2012.  Therefore, the Herc has always felt like home. I would like to think that I have brought some pretty solid competition to this show in the past, but something was different about this year.

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Tyrone of Team Sci-Unison Fitness Pro Debut

After turning pro last June at the INBF Hercules, Tyrone and I decided he should compete at the 2013 WNBF Northeast Classic hosted by Nancy Andrews.

This was our first time traveling for a show and we all had a great time. Everything was run very well and the show went relatively smooth. There were a few new changes we were faced with in the pro ranks. 1st was the fact that there isn’t any set weight classes as with the open. 2nd was that the pros get on stage super early for prejudging. In the open classes we are used to waiting till at  least 2pm to hit the stage. At this pro show prejudging started at 9/9:30

Tyrone weighed in at 152lbs. We later found out that his weight class cut off at about 182 lbs. Thats a 30 pound difference. Damn, welcome to the pro ranks. Here is a photo to show the size differences.


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Training to Failure or Not Training to Failure ?

db-rows-2-copyIs training to failure all the time beneficial for a natural bodybuilder ? This has been a question that has haunted me since I first got serious with the weight lifting and especially training. I have a mindset of all or nothing so in the early stages of my career I was an advocate of training to absolute failure on EVERY SET. In my mind that was the only way to grow and get results. The results came so I was set in my ways of failure training.

In the past year however I have revisited the topic. I hold true to my principles and philosophies, but I always re-evaluate and try to evolve in my positions. Failure training I felt needed some evaluating.

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Sci-Unison Fitness coming to Texas

I currently live on Long Island, New York. I was born and raised here. This is where I created Sci-Unison Fitness and it will always have a special place in my heart. However, I feel as if I have outgrown this town, this Island, and this state. I feel that is is time for a true change, a new chapter of my life.

With that being said, I have my eyes set on Austin Texas as my new home. This will take a few years to happen as there are alot of moving parts in the transition, but my mind is made up. I took a trip to Austin September of 2012 and fell in love with the state. I will be returning in October of this year for another visit.

Here is a photo I took in front of the Capital Building.


In the meantime, while I am still living in NY I will be trying to spread word of my business to the Texas area. As many know, my online based programs are very popular and effective. I have clients out of state and even out of the country. Over 85% of the transformations posted on my website are via online training and nutrition programs, not in gym training. This allows me to target my upcoming new home in regards to my online based services. This is being done by sending out direct mailers to the area and creating blog posts such as this one.

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