Brian P. Transformation

Extreme physique transformation by a hardworking client of long island personal trainer Ryan Sullivan of Sci-Unison Fitness

2011 Transformation Update

Weight – 185  lbs.

Details – Brian has been training hard with Sci-Unison Fitness for roughly two years now. He now has a much denser and harder look compared to his 2009/2010 photos. His muscles are becoming more refined and mature. This is a great accomplishment considering the fact that he started to lift weights at such a late age (26 years at the time) and didn’t have the opportunity to take advantage of any major growth spurt. Despite this Brian continues to train with a purpose and push his progress to the next level. Look for updates in 2012.

Program – Extreme Physique Transformation + In Gym Personal Training


2009 Brian P SUF Transformation

Start Weight – 142 lbs.

End Weight – 192 lbs.

Details –Gained 50 lbs. during his first bulking phase with Sci-Unison Fitness. This took only 5.5 months !

This program was not about fat loss, shredded abs, or “getting ready for summer.” This program was about GAINING MASS ! You need the muscle mass before you can enter a cutting phase.

Program – Extreme Physique Transformation + In Gym Personal Training