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Burning Your Workouts into a Fun Game

Burning Your Workouts into a Fun Game

Adapting Bingo as A Way to Make Exercises More Engaging

Doing an exercise routine over and over again will become tedious at some point. And here’s where creativity marks its importance – especially when it comes to sticking to your regular workout and avoiding the factor of burning out. One way to diversify your routines is to incorporate gaming elements to your workouts. A simple game that can be easily applied to any exercise regimen would be the numbers card game – bingo.

Bingo is a classic game that almost everyone is familiar with. By using the game’s uncomplicated mechanics, you can start creating your own fun exercise routines. You can easily go to Facebook and try on Bingoblitz, or join the increasing online gaming community in Bingogodz, to have a better feel of how much the game is becoming increasingly popular especially among younger generations.

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Sedentary Lifestyle is a Health Risk

couchSedentary lifestyle is a type of lifestyle with no or irregular physical activity. A person who lives a sedentary lifestyle may colloquially be known as a couch potato.

The following facts were found in my ISSA certification booklet. Found these to be very interesting so I wanted to share:

  • Inactivity and poor nutrition results in at least 300,000 deaths per year in the United State.
  • Adults who have a sedentary lifestyle are at greater risk of dying of heart disease, and developing diabetes, colon cancer, and high blood pressure.
  • Greater than 60% of U.S. adults do not engage in the recommended amount of daily physical activity.
  • Approximately 40% U.S. adults aren’t active at all.

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Common Sense,Patience, and Hard Work.

Common Sense…..Patience……Hard Work. Three things that are seeming to become lost virtues. I am not entirely sure how this society has lost its way, but I am sure that we have lost our way. The answer to everything seems to be the quick fix with minimal effort. These feelings of mine apply to many areas of life and society, but for obvious purposes, I will stick to things health and fitness related. Shall we ?

Common Sense. Everyone is over worked (yet still mostly unproductive), under rested, and horribly fed. Everything is quick and on the run. Cheap and fast food is the answer. Who has time for home cooked meals made with healthy ingredients ? Well here’s a secret, sacrificing when it comes to the human body is seldom a smart move. Its so odd to me how a seemingly common sense thing is so overlooked. You only get one body. It isn’t a pair of shoes, or a car where you can just buy a new one. There are serious repercussions for neglecting your body. People eat like slobs, dont exercise, drink more soda and beer than water and are surprised when their body fails them. Then in a last ditched effort, they rush to try and repair years worth of damage overnight….with NO effort of course.

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Dog Spider Bite – Part 2

Day 3


By day 3 the sheer size of the wound was known. As you can see as the venom spread it destroyed everything in its path. All the tiny bumps from the previous days had grown. Next the smaller bumps would all begin to attach to make one larger surface area.

Day 4


I am not going to lie. On this day I was becoming a little worried. The wound looked very clean, but it just continued to look bigger. Alot of this had to do with the fact that I didnt have a cone on Kho. The pastes weren’t staying on long enough. Day 4 was the day I added the cone to the repertoire. Trust me, add the cone to yours ASAP.

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My dog was bit by a poisonous spider

On Tuesday 11/22/2011 I had a client to train from 9-10 am. When I came home the photo to the left is what i walked in to. At first I had no idea what had happened to my black Lab Kho. At first I thought she had some sort of fight with my other dog Jade. But that would never happen, nor did it look like a wound.

As you can see from the photo there were oozing red bumps all over her snout. I began looking on the Internet and bumped into Two Little Bursons blog. After seeing this blog I was 100 % sure that Kho had been bitten by a similar poisonous spider, possibly even a Hobo or Brown Recluse.

After an entire day of researching, I came up with a plan. This plan did NOT include taking Kho to the vet. This is a decision that each individual dog owner must make. My choice was to go the natural and holistic route. Many forums mentioned that the vet would only provide an antibiotic and a steroidal treatment to help inflammation. None of these treatments do anything to address the spread of venom.

For the first day I cleaned the wound every 2-3 hours with peroxide.

I also decided to change her diet up. The diet was to be geared for maximum immune system support coupled with natural antibiotics.

The diet consisted of the following:

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High Obesity Rates Among Infants and Toddlers

As the obesity rates in the country continue to rise, it is now apparent that no age group is safe. A newly published study of 16,400 children born in the United States in 2001 shows that 31.9 % of 9-month old babies and 34.3% of 2-year olds were obese or at risk for becoming obese.

The study can be found in the January/February issue of American Journal of Health Promotion.

Male children were at a greater risk than female children.

The scary thing is that this was based on children born in 2001. The United States has become a much fatter country since then. Start one of these studies in 2012, and I am sure these numbers will climb. Sad, Sad. We are in a country where not only do adults neglect their body and health; they are now doing the same to their off-spring.

Proper nutrition and good health should trump all ! It possess much more value than any of the material things people seem to fixate on. Lead by example and don’t be a such fat ass, you may be teaching your children to follow in your heavy footsteps.