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Team Nutrabio

I am happy to announce my sponsorship and membership to Team Nutrabio.

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Fred Miller 1st Place 2011 INBF Hercules


After taking 2nd place in the Novice Lightweight Class at the 2009 INBF Hercules, team SUF member Fred Miller returned to the 2011 INBF Hercules and scored a huge win.

Fred made great improvements to his physique and his presentation during his long off season and it definitely showed. His blend of conditioning, symmetry and size enabled him to edge out an extremely competitive Novice Lightweight class. He is now part of the growing list of SUF team members who have broken out of the Novice class and look to wreak havoc in the open classes.

Count on Fred to work with his team members to devise a plan and strategy to continue to make progress and improvements. Next up is the highly competitive Open Lightweight class. Keep you eyes out for Fred “The Killer” Miller in the years to come.

2011 INBF Hercules Reflection


This was the year that I made my return to the bodybuilding stage and chose the INBF Hercules. I wanted to compete at last years INBF Hercules, but an A/C joint injury got in the way. Going into this show prep I was actually very nervous. I hadn’t competed since 2007 and I knew there would be alot of ring rust. The diet and training par

ts were relatively easy for me considering I have dieted every year since 2004 (which has limited my growth potential) for either competition of for photos. The issues that really concerned me were a few poses that I felt uncomfortable with along with the exposure f
actor. What I mean by exposure factor is
when you diet for photos, you can always hide weaker areas, you always have a mirror to look in, and you can pick and choose which photos you want. When you step on stage, you are completely exposed. You are on display and being judged by your peers. It is a very intense experience.

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Biceps Training Tip – Avoid Tuck and Slide

Bicep training tips and work out plan featured in the March 2011 issue of Muscle & Fitness Magazine.

When doing bicep curls, avoid the tuck and slide motion. This is a cheating movement that will limit your range of motion and hinder your potential to grow the biggest possible biceps. Stop focusing on the weight on the bar and start focusing on proper form. Grow muscle, not your ego.

Train Hard BUT Also SMART !

Check out March 2011 Edition of Muscle and Fitness Magazine. 

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Chest Workout featured in Muscle & Fitness Magazine

Sci-Unison Fitness chest routine was feature in the December 2010 issue of Muscle & Fitness Magazine. Each exercise explained in detail and equipped with a “Sullivan’s Tip” and a quote from your truly. Special Thanks to Joe Wuebben of Muscle and Fitness Magazine for giving me such a great opportunity.


Workout Plan made the cover.

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Muscle & Fitness Magazine Write Up

muscle-and-fitness-magazine-suf-1Ryan Sullivan of Sci-Unison Fitness gives training tips in the 2010 NFL issue of Muscle & Fitness Magazine.

Article Text:

When you pre-exhaust a muscle, you do single joint exercises before a multi-joint move for a given body part. This ensures that the targeted muscle is properly trained before you do the compound movement, which involves more muscle groups and potentially less focused stress. Now try post-exhaust or “aftershock” – the exact opposite of pre-exhaust, says New York-based trainer Ryan Sullivan ( Do a set of 8-10 reps of leg presses to failure, then immediately switch to leg extensions for an additional 6-8 reps. Do this as your last working set only; don’t overuse this intensity booster. “By using post-exhaust you push the target muscle past the point of failure,” Sullivan says. “Supersetting compound and isolation exercises that hit same body part is a highly effective way to stimulate growth”