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Training to Failure or Not Training to Failure ?

db-rows-2-copyIs training to failure all the time beneficial for a natural bodybuilder ? This has been a question that has haunted me since I first got serious with the weight lifting and especially training. I have a mindset of all or nothing so in the early stages of my career I was an advocate of training to absolute failure on EVERY SET. In my mind that was the only way to grow and get results. The results came so I was set in my ways of failure training.

In the past year however I have revisited the topic. I hold true to my principles and philosophies, but I always re-evaluate and try to evolve in my positions. Failure training I felt needed some evaluating.

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Mind Muscle Connection – Lifting with Control

When you sign up to the gym and make the choice to dedicate yourself, you have to clearly define what your goals are.

Do you wish to be a power lifter ?

Do you wish to be a weight lifter ?

Do you wish to build a better looking physique ?

Although each of these goals may slightly overlap each other, they each have significantly different approaches.

powerlifterA power lifter’s goal is to lift the most amount of weight. There is no considerable emphasis placed on hypertrophy (muscle growth) or symmetry. They are essential function over form. The training is based around lifting awesome amounts of weight. The training and the numbers behind this approach are definitely impressive. There is also alot of technique involved. The old saying is that in power lifting the only concern is making the lift without the red light coming on. This is not to say that no hypertrophy will be experienced in power lifting. There are some pretty big guys out there. However, in terms of symmetry and overall appearance… well that isn’t the focus so it shouldn’t be expected to be a strength. It is also necessary to re-think the idea of looking at the bigger power lifters and draw the conclusion that.. Power lifting created the Beast. The truth is, that genetically the beast was always a beast, and lifting heavy things was always a strength of this type of person. So therefore… The Beasts turn to Power lifting. Not to mention the use of performance enhancing drugs in some. This is not an attempt to discredit people, but when I think in terms of arguments I like to remove that variable from the equation.

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Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

massageSo I have been lifting weights since high school. Its been a long journey, and along the way I have had my fair share of nagging injuries and serious injuries. On top of the injuries, the punishment I dish out to my body and muscles when I train is pretty extreme.

I have been saying for year now how I wanted to get a deep tissue massage, but I never got around to it.

This time I finally did. I went a massage therapist that was highly recommended by a few people I know. Her name is Sue Saffari.She is tiny compared to me, and I thought immediately “there is no way this tiny woman will put a dent in me”. Holy shit was I wrong.  The massage was very deep and felt good in a painful way. Deep tissue massages aren’t meant to be relaxing and joyful. They are meant to get the job done.

I had her focus on some of my problem areas, such as my Lats, shoulders and lower back. She took care of everything else but paid special attention to these areas.

As she was working on me I could feel her digging deep within my muscle tissue. The more she worked, the more I felt my muscles begin to loosen up. The combination of high stress and torturous workouts had definitely left its mark.

Lets look at some of the benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage…..

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Fitness Injury Prevention and Treatment

Natural Bodybuilder Ryan Sullivan of Sci-Unison Fitness discusses injury prevention and treatment.

Key Points

  • Warm up thoroughly before your workout. A few super light sets for 28-25 reps will do the job. A few minutes of cardio can also help. The cardio will also help to circulate blood and increase of the onset of any pre workout supplements.
  • Wear the proper attire. If it is cold out, wear warm clothes to keep the muscles warm and functioning well. Heat promotes blood flow, so why be cold ?
  • Lift with proper form. Cheat reps have their place here and there, but too much cheating and lead to injury

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Sprints better for Fat Loss

sprints-fat-lossResults from a study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise suggest that repeated max-intensity sprints yield better fat loss results than longer duration, low-moderate intensity cardio.

There were 20 participants who were split into two groups.

Each group ran 3 times a week for 6 weeks.

Group 1 performed max intensity sprints. 30 seconds in duration, 6 sprints per session, 4 minute rest between sprints.

Group 2 ran for 30-60 minutes at 65% intensity.

At the end of the 6 week  study,the Sprinting group reduced fat mass by 12.4 %.  The low-moderate intensity group reduced fat mass by 5.8 %.

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2011 INBF Hercules Reflection


This was the year that I made my return to the bodybuilding stage and chose the INBF Hercules. I wanted to compete at last years INBF Hercules, but an A/C joint injury got in the way. Going into this show prep I was actually very nervous. I hadn’t competed since 2007 and I knew there would be alot of ring rust. The diet and training par

ts were relatively easy for me considering I have dieted every year since 2004 (which has limited my growth potential) for either competition of for photos. The issues that really concerned me were a few poses that I felt uncomfortable with along with the exposure f
actor. What I mean by exposure factor is
when you diet for photos, you can always hide weaker areas, you always have a mirror to look in, and you can pick and choose which photos you want. When you step on stage, you are completely exposed. You are on display and being judged by your peers. It is a very intense experience.

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