Chris D. Transformation

Natural bodybuilding transformation by a hard working client of online personal trainer Ryan Sullivan of Sci-Unison Fitness

Start Weight – 200 lbs.

Mid-stage weight – 209 lbs.

End Weight – 183 lbs.

Details – Chris was out of the loop in terms of lifting for a few months. He came to me and I put him on a program which yielded some results. However, his mind and heart were not entirely into it at the time. He then came back to me in November of 2009 and said he wanted to do a show. So we took a few month to put on some size and then started cutting in March 2010. At the start of the cutting phase he weighed 207 lbs. He then lost 24 pounds in roughly 16 weeks. He placed 7th out of 11 competitors in his first natural bodybuilding competition.

Chris was a very close friend of mine from high school. We played football together and hung out all the time. It was a pleasure to work with him as adults in order to help him achieve his goals. While things didn’t always go smooth with the prep we stuck together and came out strong in the end.