Common Sense,Patience, and Hard Work.

Common Sense…..Patience……Hard Work. Three things that are seeming to become lost virtues. I am not entirely sure how this society has lost its way, but I am sure that we have lost our way. The answer to everything seems to be the quick fix with minimal effort. These feelings of mine apply to many areas of life and society, but for obvious purposes, I will stick to things health and fitness related. Shall we ?

Common Sense. Everyone is over worked (yet still mostly unproductive), under rested, and horribly fed. Everything is quick and on the run. Cheap and fast food is the answer. Who has time for home cooked meals made with healthy ingredients ? Well here’s a secret, sacrificing when it comes to the human body is seldom a smart move. Its so odd to me how a seemingly common sense thing is so overlooked. You only get one body. It isn’t a pair of shoes, or a car where you can just buy a new one. There are serious repercussions for neglecting your body. People eat like slobs, dont exercise, drink more soda and beer than water and are surprised when their body fails them. Then in a last ditched effort, they rush to try and repair years worth of damage overnight….with NO effort of course.

What amazes me is how naive people can be. Naive in the fact that as they reach their 30′s they feel they can continue the poor habits of their teens and early 20′s. Come on, some of this stuff is hard science, but this certainly isn’t. Known fact, as you age you have to treat your body with more care it will deteriorate at an accelerated pace.

Deteriorate. Damn, that’s a harsh word. Harsh but fitting. I look around and I see people all my age and they look like they are falling apart. Not all, but most. Those who aren’t obviously take care of their bodies. So yeah, common sense. You aint getting any younger, and sitting around like a lard ass eating everything you shouldn’t be isn’t going to get you far.

Patience. This is a great one. I am always touted as the man with no patience. I want everything yesterday, but yet I display patience with the human body. I recognize that things don’t happen overnight, and that anything worth having is worth waiting and working for. The body and muscles need time to grow and mature. This is no easy process, but worth it in the end. Working hard for something and watching the results develop gives one a special feeling. The patience and long term planning that is put into physique development is something that can be applied to all other aspects of life. People say I don’t have patience, I do have patience, just maybe not with them :)

Or you have the other side. The “dark side” as they call it lol. Oooooo sounds scary lol. Yeah I am talking about the steroid guys. Most of them baffle me, very few do I respect. To me majority of them are people with low self images who took an easy way out. All the “results” and “progress” they have achieved all were bought and came out of a bottle. Most have no idea what it really takes to be in good shape, build real muscle, or get shredded to ridiculous levels. The only method they know is through injection. Steroids I feel should be for people as they age and start to decline. They should be used in a small amount in an effort to actually maintain and or increase health. Does this sound anything like goes on in your local roid gym ? Nope not at all. Every clown around is shooting up 3-4 different steroids and walking around the gym clueless as to what actually works. The mirror shows them a great product so it falsely makes them believe they have the faintest clue as to what they are doing. When the truth is, once again, all the results came out of a bottle. Most when they get older will have already worn their bodies out. Tell me that you cant look at an older deteriorated guy in the gym and know he was a former hard juicer. Oh my lord they look terrible. That is the path that most of them are on. You see to them they don’t understand concepts in the long term. Long term to them is next summer at the beach club, not when they are 40 years old in poor health and worn out. So be patient and like me  always laugh last, hardest, and longest.

Hard Work. Seems that no one believes in this one any more. Everyone wants it easy. Well I got news for you, unless you got the genetics of a fuckin Greek god or goddess, this shit requires some real hard work. I was a chubby kid growing up. Wasn’t overly fat, but I was chubby and hit it well. I was so embarrassed with how i looked that I NEVER went to any pool parties in middle school or high school. I never took my shirt off willingly in front of anyone, even a g/f. And the thought of the scrimmages at basketball practice where we played shirts and skins was enough to give me anxiety for the entire school day. My weight and my appearance was something that haunted me. And guess what ? I didn’t get my lean six pack in time so i could enjoy some of high school. I kept slacking where it mattered most, the kitchen. I wasn’t willing to put the hard work into understanding proper nutrition. People who go to the gym and train hard don’t impress me much. It is the person who trains hard and understands how to properly feed the machine, now that is a gift. Point of the story is that I didn’t see my shredded abs until I was 22 years old. Missed High School by about 4 years lol. But it was worth it. The hard work paid off. If I would of kept putting it off, or not stepping up to the challenge, I would not be where I am today. So stop making so many damn excuses and kicking the can down the road. Rise up and put the work in now, before it is too late.


Common Sense…..Patience……Hard Work

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