Dog Spider Bite – Part 2

Day 3


By day 3 the sheer size of the wound was known. As you can see as the venom spread it destroyed everything in its path. All the tiny bumps from the previous days had grown. Next the smaller bumps would all begin to attach to make one larger surface area.

Day 4


I am not going to lie. On this day I was becoming a little worried. The wound looked very clean, but it just continued to look bigger. Alot of this had to do with the fact that I didnt have a cone on Kho. The pastes weren’t staying on long enough. Day 4 was the day I added the cone to the repertoire. Trust me, add the cone to yours ASAP.

Day 5


My poor baby 🙁

Kept up the strict diet and supplementation. Kept the cleanings and pastes on point as well. Everything looked very clean though. I was informed that the healing process would take a few weeks and that it would get much worse before it got better. I was definitely at this point at day 5.

Day 6


Finally ! Looking better. By Day 6 the worst had passed. The swelling had gone down considerably and small hairs were coming back through.


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