Dog Spider Bite – Part 3

Day 8


Getting even better. Things were scabbing up. Swelling down even more.

Day 10


Day 12


Day 16


Pretty much all better. There is just a small scab left. This is the part that Kho was able to lick. As you can see the wound it pretty much gone now. It is just hairless skin now. The cone has officially come off and Kho is very happy.

This entire process was very difficult but I would do anything for my pets. I am very happy that I was able to help heal her the natural way. Once again, throughout this entire process I did not take her to a conventional vet. I was very close at one point. The combination of the diet, supplements, and herbal pastes did a great job. I hope that this blog post if useful for anyone who is going through a similar experience. Good luck.

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