Effective Fat Loss Supplements

When it comes to supplements, everyone wants to know which are best for fat loss. When beach weather rolls around, or a competition draws near there are alot of choices in terms of fat loss supplements. The name of the game always is to shed the fat and hold onto the hard earned muscle.

Right off the bat everyone needs to know that there is no miracle pill in a bottle that will turn you into a shredded bodybuilder or figure model over night. The proper training, nutrition, and cardio has to be there as well. Supplements are meant to SUPPLEMENT effective training, nutrition, and supplement regimens. So don’t go eating like a fat ass, and skip out on the gym and then look to a pill to help you out.

After dealing with hundreds and hundreds of clients I have discovered which crucial ingredients help the most for fat loss. And for the record, I don’t talk about or mention any of the hardcore fat burners such as hydroxycut or others because these I feel are way to hard on the body. Yeah they deliver results, but at what cost. Lets not forget that Hydroxycut went through a major recall. So anyway, I have always said that it is always about pure, fundamentally sound ingredients.

thermofuel-v3-w220In the earlier years I would piece together a whole plethora of these ingredients, and it was a bit time consuming. Enter Thermofuel by Nutrabio. When I discovered this safe, and effective fat loss supplement I was so relieved. No more endless pill bottles. This one had everything I wanted all in one.

Lets take a quick look at some of the ingredients.


Vitamin B6

helps the body’s conversion of food into usable energy for the body because it aids in the breakdown carbs, protein and fat. It is also critical for the metabolism of protein and nonessential amino acids.

Vitamin B12

Helps to boost metabolism and burn stored fat. It also involved in the production of red blood cells which carry oxygen to cells throughout the body.


Has a positive effect on fat loss and body composition due to its ability to improve insulin utilization. This reduces fat deposition and results in an improvement of glucose and amino acids entering the muscle cells.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea increases fat metabolism. It means it increases the body’s capacity to burn the fat faster.  Among the green tea nutrients EGCG is believed to be the most important factor for green tea weight loss. Epigallocatechine (EGCG) seems to work well for boosting the noradrenalin. It helps boosting the body’s metabolism and lowering the appetite. Green tea possesses high quantities of catechins which influence metabolism by decreasing fat absorption, and increasing fat excretion.

Raspberry Ketones

Pure Raspberry Ketones controls your appetite, boosts metabolism and burns fat without the side effects associated with most diet pills. And yes, I think its worth noting that raspberry ketones were featured on an episode of Dr. Oz.

Advantra Z

Anvantra-Z citrus auratium offers many of the metabolic enhancing effects of ephedra without any of the dangerous side effects. This ingredient is great for stimulating thermogenesis, reducing bodyfat, preserving lean muscle, and improving performance.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper has the ability to increase the body’s heat production. This helps to increase the rate of metabolism of fats and carbs. Cayenne pepper is also another great tool for appetite suppression.

Tyrosine Complex

Tyrosine has been shown to influence the production of thyroid hormone levels. Some of these hormones are responsible for regulating the bodies metabolic rate. Tyrosine is also an important amino acid for the production of the neurotransmitters that have been shown to successfully suppress appetite.


And the list goes on, but you get the point. So in a nutshell, this is a great and highly effective supplement for fat loss. More importantly, this is a SAFE alternative to the dangerous fat loss supplements on the market.

carnitineAnother Nutrabio product that I use as part of my fat burning stack is L-Carnitine.

Although the Thermofuel product contains a small amount of L-Carnitine, this ingredient works best in higher dosages. Therefore I find it more productive to add in pure L-Carnitine.

In terms of benefits, L-Carnitine is very useful, and is is often, in my opinion, overlooked.

Here is a look:



  • supports the metabolism of cholesterol and fatty acids
  • Aids in the conversion of fats into energy which help with fat loss
  • preserves muscle glycogen during exercise
  • helps increase energy output and endurance
  • reduces the lactic acid build up associated with exercise
  • increases the strength and power output of muscle

Together these products are extremely effective for fat loss and muscle preservation. There is however ONE MORE supplement that I would add to this mix, but that is for me and my clients to know. Can’t give away all the secrets for free, com’on lol.

Here are two photos of myself at the conclusion of my last diet using these products. Once again, alot of hard work. I didnt just take a pill for a few days and wake up like this. On the other hand, I WOULKDNT diet without these products.

You cant get much leaner than that.

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