Peak Physique Blueprint E-Book

Peak Physique Blueprint is an fitness book written by Ryan Sullivan of Sci-Unison Fitness that covers training, nutrition, cardio, and supplementation. E-book format


Nearly everyone wants a better physique right ? I believe so, and there is nothing wrong with that. What worries me is the path many people choose in the attempt to reach their goals.

  • Some will starve themselves
  • Some will over-train for hours and hours and even resort to two-a-days
  • Some will fall into the marketing trap of the supplement companies and buy the newest and hottest product
  • Some will resort to illegal drugs such as steroids
  • Some will just keep doing the same non-productive things over and over in hope of a different result.

If you are going to spend hundreds of dollars on the supplements and even the illegal steroidal drugs in some cases + all the hours in the gym…Shouldn’t you take the time and money to invest in the proper knowledge to make sure what you are doing is even correct ? Makes sense doesn’t it ?


– Who Am I ? I am the Physique Technician

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When people ask what I do for a living, saying that I am a personal trainer doesn’t begin to express or demonstrate the passion I have for the fitness industry. The title of personal trainer does not capture the effort and personal touch that I provide to each client. I am not here to blend in or be part of the norm. I am here to revolutionize the position of “personal trainer.”

Personal trainers are a dime a dozen these days. What I do and offer is at a much higher level. I am in the business of changing, building, and mastering the human physique; internally and externally. I am in the business of changing peoples lives. I am the “Physique Technician“.

– I was awarded Personal Trainer of the Month by two major fitness websites 

bodybuilding-trainer-of-the-month  world-physique-trainer-of-the-month

– My workouts have appeared in major publications such as Muscle & Fitness Magazine

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This E-book will include a copy of each of my workout routines that were featured in Muscle and Fitness Magazine.  Real routines designed to deliver REAL RESULTS . Time to “Train Like a Machine” !

– I lead a Team of highly competitive NATURAL Bodybuilders and Figure Competitors



– I deliver results, and my methods are proven by a long list of REAL Transformations


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– Through hard work in my field, I earned a supplement sponsorship from Nutrabio


Why my book ?

I am a NATURAL Bodybuilder. So if you are Natural, I commend you and I want you to know that I am part of the same struggle as you. It’s not easy, but we are the purest of our art.

On the other hand, that doesn’t mean that my principles and techniques couldn’t help someone who uses enhancing drugs. If anything, those who use the drugs should listen to someone like myself because I have NO HELP. I had to rip, tear and claw my way for every once of muscle mass I have. I also have to diet with such precision and low margin of error to get shredded. Regardless of your drug induced size, level of vascularity, or low bodyfat levels, you can learn alot from the Nattys.

So wouldn’t you think that a person such as myself that plays the game naturally, with no artificial muscle, and no help would TRULY know how things work ? Give that a thought. 

What the Peak Physique Blueprint has to offer you

  • Advanced Training Techniques used by top Natural bodybuilders are revealed
  • Learn the differences between all the different body types and the training and nutrition approaches for each
  • Discover the keys to performing less, but much more effective cardio vascular exercise. Sprint Routines included
  • Learn how to develope your very own meal plans
  • Input on which supplements can give you the best gains in the gym
  • Discover the fundamentals of creating a fat incinerating metabolism
  • Learn the tips and tricks to keeping your natural testosterone levels at optimal levels
  • Prepare your next grocery list based on the Sci-Unison Approved food list
  • Eliminate all the confusion surrounding the glycemic index and blood sugar levels
  • Uncover the secrets to extreme results through scientifically sound pre and post workout nutrition
  • Enough tips and pointers to elevate your weight training and diet to the next level
  • A Breakdown of each bodypart; tips and pointers for each to maximize growth and minimize injury

Table of Contents

  • Fat Loss Diet
  • SUF Food List
  • The Glycemic Index
  • Developing a Meal Plan
  • Developing a Fat Incinerating Metabolism
  • Body Type Analysis
  • Genetics
  • Muscle/Weight Gain Diet
  • Cardiovascular Exercise
  • Training 101
  • Body Part Breakdown
  • Intensity Training Techniques
  • Pre and Post Workout Nutrition
  • Testosterone Boosting and Sparring Tips *
  • Effective Supplementation
  • Tips and Pointers to Diet and Exercise Success
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Workout Plans featured in Muscle and Fitness Magazine.


– Instant Download. NO WAITING !

– 97 pages of physique enhancing content

– 4 of my workout routines that were featured in Muscle and Fitness Magazine.

– C3 Information = Clear + Concise + Centralized

– PDF file with click-able bookmarked chapters.

– Very affordable Price.  Only $10.99.

$10.99 too much to ask for information that can change you life and bring your physique to the next level ?

No more wasted time and money !

No more guesswork !