Fred and Christa of Team SUF Placings

June 1st 2013 was a very productive day for Team Sci-Unison Fitness. On top of Tyrone R competing in the Pro WNBF division, Fred M made his open Bantam weight debut at the INBF Northeast Classic, and Christa competed at the  NANBF Natural Iowa.

fred-miller-wnbf-pro-1  christa-mclane-team-suf

Fred was coming off a Novice Class A win at the Hercules in 2011. We always had him on roster as a lightweight, but we decided to push him down a little more and enter into the bantam class. As you can see, Fred was on point and looked phenomenal. He was packed into a very tough class and ultimately took 3rd place. This was a great accomplishment in the face of such great competition.

Next move for Fred is the INBF Hercules in NYC. He will be competing as a Bantam weight and will be chasing a pro card. For more photos and details on Fred Miller please view his Team SUF Listing.

Christa had a very busy day as she competed in 3 classes at her NANBF show. She looked absolutley phenomenal and made some nice improvments from her last show.

Her placings for the day –

2013 NANBF Natural Iowa. Figure Short – 2nd place
2013 NANBF Natural Central Midwest. Open Figure Short – 3rd Place
2013 NANBF Natural Central Midwest. Figure 35+ Masters – 2nd place.

For more details and photos of Christa, please view her Team SUF Listing. Christa has decided to take some time off and focus on putting on more mass. I am trying to convince her to come out to NYC next June and compete at the INBF Hercules. We shall see.

So overall June 1. 2013 was a very productive day for Team Sci-Unison Fitness. A day of 3rd and 2nd place finishes. Next stop is the INBF Hercules.

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