Fred M. Transformation

Natural bodybuilding transformation by a hard working client of long island personal trainer Ryan Sullivan of Sci-Unison Fitness

2013 Transformation Update

Start Weight – 170 lbs.

End Weight – 148 lbs.

Details – In 2013 the decision was made to push Fred into the open bantam weight class. This brought Fred’s conditining to a new level and earned him his WNBF pro card at the 2013 INBF Hercules. Be sure to check out hisTEAM SUF Listing.

Program – Path To Victory


2009 Fred M SUF Transformation


Start Weight – 186 lbs.

End Weight – 150 lbs.

Details – Lost 35 lbs. in 18 weeks and placed 2nd in his class at his the 2009 INBF Hercules natural bodybuilding competition

Program- Path to Victory