Fred Miller 1st Place 2011 INBF Hercules


After taking 2nd place in the Novice Lightweight Class at the 2009 INBF Hercules, team SUF member Fred Miller returned to the 2011 INBF Hercules and scored a huge win.

Fred made great improvements to his physique and his presentation during his long off season and it definitely showed. His blend of conditioning, symmetry and size enabled him to edge out an extremely competitive Novice Lightweight class. He is now part of the growing list of SUF team members who have broken out of the Novice class and look to wreak havoc in the open classes.

Count on Fred to work with his team members to devise a plan and strategy to continue to make progress and improvements. Next up is the highly competitive Open Lightweight class. Keep you eyes out for Fred “The Killer” Miller in the years to come.

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