Frequency Focus Physique

Frequency Focus Physique is a Full Body Workout online personal training and nutrition program developed by Ryan Sullivan of Sci-Unison Fitness.

The Frequency Focus Physique (2FP) Training Program is primarily based on the concept of increased training Frequency. This allows you to nearly double the amount of times that you hit your major muscle groups. More frequency equals more potential growth cycles.

Once you play the Frequency game, the volume (per session) must be lowered or else the workouts would be hours long and would lead to overtraining. The 2FP program strikes the perfect balance so that they workouts are as productive as possible without sacrificing recovery ability.


The Full Body routines that are the heart of the program are also very carefully balanced. The routines shuffle muscle group order and switch exercises to ensure that no body part is left behind. The unique aspect of this program that sets it apart from others is the Focus days. Built into the program there are higher volume Focus days that are strategically scheduled. These days mimic the typical split style training that most are familiar with. The volume based Focus days allow you to really attack 1-2 body parts with a higher amount of sets (increased volume) and a wide variety of exercises.

The Frequency Focus Physique Training Program can benefit anyone looking to switch things up and rattle the cage. The concepts can be applied to people of any age, gender, and level of training.

You will also burn far greater calories during one of these workouts compared to a typical split. This is due to using all the bigger muscles groups in one workout. The bigger the muscles, the greater the work, the greater the calorie burn. The increased Frequency is also a great way to spark some new muscle growth.

And lets not forget, you still get the precious Focus days where you can really hone in on a bodypart and bring it to the next level. This program offers the BEST of MANY worlds.


Program Details

Your Personalized Program Includes:

  • The Sci-Unison Fitness E-book: Science + Fitness= Maximum Results. A physique changing read for all levels; from beginner all the way up to competitive natural bodybuilder/figure competitor. details
  • Members Only Access to for the length of your program. details
  • SUF Messaging. Unlimited support via email and instant messenger. Quick turn around for replies and advice.
  • Monthly Sci-Unison Fitness Training Charts customized to you. These charts will list which days to train, target body parts, training style, set totals, rep ranges and cardio to perform. All the variables are accounted for and will be periodically changed to avoid hitting a plateau.
  • Sci-Unison Fitness Workout Plans that go with your monthly training charts. These workouts will be appropriately challenging and will provide a strategic plan for EVERY workout for the length of your program.
  • Over 130 Exercise Demonstration Videos to match up with the exercises from your workout plans. details
  • Easy to read Sci-Unison Fitness Nutrition Counseling Charts  that demonstrate healthy and effective eating practices. These provides examples of what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat it. There will be charts for weight training, cardio, and recovery days.
  • Pre and Post Workout Meal Optimization. These two meals will be timed and tuned to accelerate your progress.
  • Sci-Unison Fitness Supplementation Counseling. A simple, pure, and highly effective supplementation strategy will be recommended for you to review and research in order to help you better reach your goals.
  • Tracked Progress through scheduled weigh-ins, progress pictures, surveys, and weekly check-ups.
  • Exclusive video content that will cover how to properly perform effective Intensity Training Techniques.
  • Downloadable Powerpoint Presentations that cover the fundamentals of a balanced and healthy diet, food labels, weight training and much more.
  • Sci-Unison Fitness Video Lectures that will teach a wide array of topics related to proper diet, exercise and supplementation. details
  • Access to the Sci-Unison Fitness Cookbook. All the meals are mapped out for you. Best of all, each meal is split into Blue and Pink for both Males and Females.

** Daily Macronutrient Levels will be mapped out for you with each and every chart. Know exactly how many grams of protein, carbohydrates and fat to intake each day. This will also include carb cycling, carb spikes, and much more. ** This is an add-on feature and other fees apply.

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