Hyde Park Gym Austin Texas

Sci-Unison Fitness visits Austin Texas and highly recommends Hyde Park Gym.

I recently went on another vacation in the great state of Texas. My first few times I avoided working out and focused more on other activities. This time I made it a point to get a few workouts in while in Texas.


Before vacation I went searching online for gyms in Austin,TX and I found alot of the familiar names…Golds Gym, LA Fitness, etc. I Also found a bunch of unique and private gyms as well. Hyde Park Gym was one of them.

Once I searched their website Hydeparkgym.com I knew this was going to be the place for me.

The atmosphere in the gym was incredible. This wasn’t one of the “drone gyms” where the front desk workers relentlessly pester you to sign up, or to get personal training packages. There are no TV’s, no social club meetings on the machines. It was great.  This is a gym that you go to TRAIN, not just exercise.

Hyde Park had a great variety of equipment and could easily sustain the regulars Joes, competitive bodybuilders (see Dave Goodin lol), and especially powerlifting.

The power lifting setup at Hyde Park Gym is NUTS ! You can tell they take that shit real serious. I myself am not a powerlifter, but I respect the sport. The setup appealed to me because although I am a natural bodybuilder and not a powerlifter, I still do some of the same exercises as the power lifters.

My original plan was to workout at a few gyms during my stay in Texas. That didn’t go according to plan. I chose to workout at Hyde Park on Day 1 and then went back there every day lol.

So for those in the Austin area, or for those like me who were on vacation, Sci-Unison Fitness highly recommends a trip to Hyde Park Gym. Its a real lifters gym. Nothing cute, nothing fancy…but fundamental sound.

Hyde Park Gym Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/hydeparkgym

Hyde Park Gym Website – http://hydeparkgym.com/


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