Intra-Workout Supplementation

Everyone is so busy focusing on pre and post workout supplementation that many neglect what they put in their body while the hard work is being done. I am a firm believer in the premise that Intra-Workout Supplementation is equally important as pre and post.

I will start by stating that water and/or Gatorade simply is NOT enough for someone who trains at an advanced level. Therefore, I have created an Intra-Workout Supplementation protocol that I believe works extremely well.

Here is a breakdown of the ingredients I use….

The 3 ingredients below I mix in a water bottle containing roughly 30-60 fl oz.

ens1. Extreme Nitric Stack – 1/2 serving – Although you may take similar ingredients or this exact supplement with your pre-workout supplementation this smaller serving will help prolong the effects of your pump. When you simply rely on pre-workout supplementation, by the end of the workout the pumps typically begin to fade. This is especially true when the workouts run past the hour mark. By sipping on an intra-workout drink that has nitric oxide boosting supplements you can increase the duration of your pump which enables better overall nutrient delivery.


bcaa (1)2. BCAAs – 5-15 grams depending on body-weight – A major purpose for having a great pump (besides looking awesome) centers around nutrient delivery. The concept involves taking advantage of the increased blood flow to promote better nutrient delivery to the target/trained muscles. Branched Chain Amino acids are precisely what you want to deliver to blood saturated trained muscles. As you train and increase your pump you will be distributing BCAAs into your blood stream. You will in essence begin your recovery process while your train.


carbomax3. Maltodextrin (Carbomax) – 5-20 grams depending on body weight and diet- Maltodextrin is used for quick and sustained energy. A small amount of this can provide added energy to keep you firing on all cylinders through your entire workout.



The 2 ingredients below I take in capsule/pill form roughly 30 mins prior to weight training. This will ensure that they begin to absorb during the training session. 

optizinc-w2204. Zinc – 30mgs – Zinc is added to the mix in an effort to suppress cortisol. Cortisol, which is released by the adrenal glands, is your body’s primary stress hormone. Cortisol levels begin to rise the longer a workout becomes. Studies now show that Zinc supplementation can play an important role in treating stress as well as suppressing cortisol levels. For men you will get the added benefit that Zinc can also promote better natural testosterone production.


vitamin-c-w2205. Vitamin C – 500mgs -1000mgs depending on body-weight – Vitamin C is another ingredient in the effort to suppress cortisol levels. This water-soluble vitamin cushions the negative effects of free radicals, compounds that are released with hardcore training. Free radicals target tissues such as muscles, weakening them and increasing inflammation and breakdown. Therefore vitamin C should not be ignored from a cortisol suppression and recovery perspective.


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For the record I have 4 more ingredient I ALWAYS use for Intra-Workout Supplementation, but I cant give away all my secrets. If you want to know, you will just have to become a client 🙂 

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