Jessica J Transformation

Natural bodybuilding transformation by a hard working client of long island personal trainer Ryan Sullivan of Sci-Unison Fitness

2013 Transformation Update


Start Weight – 115 lbs.

End Weight – 107 lbs.

Details – Jessica’s 2013 contest prep went perfect. She brought the total package to the 2013 INBF Hercules and got her WNBF Pro card in the Fit Body class, and took 2nd place in Open Figure Short. Be sure to check out her TEAM SUF Listing.

Program – Path To Victory

2012 Transformation Update

Start Weight – 121 lbs.

End Weight – 113 lbs.

Details – After taking some some to allow her muscles to mature, Jess is back at it. She has done a great job in developing her physique and making improvement. She is currently prepping for her second figure competition and will be competing in June 2013. Be sure to check out her TEAM SUF Listing.

Program – Extreme Physique Transformation


2010 Jessica J SUF Transformation


Start Weight – 116 lbs.

End Weight – 106 lbs.

Details – Jessica lost 10 pounds and was able to significantly change her body composition during her program. She placed 5th place in her first natural figure competition.

Program – Path To VictoryIn Gym Personal Training