Kevin Terrier WNBF Pro Gets Knee Surgery

Kevin-terrier-wnbf-pro-rehab-12015 started off with ALOT of rough patches for me personal, emotional, and physically. But what does not kill you only makes you stronger!!!

One of the rough patches was that I found out I had a torn meniscus (medial and lateral). After talking to the Doctor and some Physical Therapist I opted to get surgery and get it taken care of so I can make my way back to being Kevin “The Pitbull” Terrier we all know, love, and appreciate.

I was nervous as hell because I do not like hospitals and surgeries. But I must say the staff at Mount Sinai Beth Israel made me feel comfortable and were fantastic. My Doctor/surgeon (DR Kastenbaum) was the best and the procedure went well. Now it’s time to start my recovery and rehab.

I’ll will be posting and keeping you all updated throughout the entire process as I make my way back on to stage (yup that’s right, I’m already thinking that far ahead).

Check out the photos of me pre and post-surgery. Also continue to follow me and my progress on the “Road To Success” on FB (Kevin Terrier WNBF Pro), IG (TakeNYC), and my blog on

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