Kevin Terrier WNBF Pro Rehab Update 2/27/15

Kevin Terrier WNBF Pro Rehab Update 2/27/15

Kevin-terrier-wnbf-pro-rehab-3By now the insertion points on my knee has built up scar tissue. This is very uncomfortable. It is limiting my flexion. If you touch one of those spots it radiates to the opposite side of the knee. Combine that with stiffness, tightness and weakness in other parts of the leg and what you get is a funny walking pattern. My body is compensating so my stride is off. I’m walking on the lateral side of my foot to avoid medial pain in the knee. I can’t fully extend the leg in my strides due to the tightness in my quad and calve. A medial glut that is not firing has led to a tight and over active IT band. So thank God it’s finally time for physical therapy.

I walked into PT and was met by my therapist with laser in hand. My session consisted of stretching, and myofascial release by heated laser. Incredible. I wish I had one of these machines at home.

By the end of the week I had made some major improvements. It was rough though. A lot of swelling, soreness, cracking. But with some TLC (stretching, foam rolling, corrective exercises) I’ve got the green light to do some lower body work, even minor single leg work.

By the end of the week 3 I’m actually doing some low level mobility work. The knee feels great afterwards but when I sit down and things start to tighten up it does not feel so good.

Overall the swelling has decreased dramatically, and a stability has increased a little. My biggest problem is getting the knee cap to track straight and keeping it there. When I do that I’m golden. I am feeling good though because I can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


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