Kevin Terrier WNBF Pro Rehab Update 2/9/15

Kevin Terrier WNBF Pro Rehab Update 2/9/15

Kevin-terrier-wnbf-pro-rehab-2The people that know me the best know that I am not one to sit around much. Now don’t get me wrong, when I get (and have earned) the opportunity to relax I FULLY take advantage of it. But I usually spend the majority of my days being at work, running through my schedule, getting my workouts in, keeping up to date and on time with all my task, meetings, etc.

With that said this past week has been tough. Not physically but mentally. I’ve sat around for the most part, finding myself starving to work out and do legs, some cardio, anything lower body that will get me sweating.

By the middle of the week I had enough and went into the gym. Chest and biceps and finished up on the battling ropes. It felt good to be back in the gym. The next day was back and the hand bike. I didn’t know how many days is be able to keep up these alternate forms of cardio. God knows I’m not a big fan of regular cardio. But luckily I didn’t have to keep it up for much longer.

The next day marked a full week since the surgery and my stitches came out. I was told to get on a stationary bike, so I left the Doctors office and headed straight for the gym. Cardio on the bike, Shoulders, and triceps. There were some minor setbacks to start off with but the gym session ended pretty dam good. I’m starting to feel a little normal again.

Physical Therapy starts on Monday. It’s a late start but I had to make sure I got the Physical Therapist that I wanted. I can’t wait to get started so I can get back 100%.

Excuses are for people who didn’t give it their all!!!

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