Mario M. Transformation

Extreme physique transformation by a hardworking client of long island personal trainer Ryan Sullivan of Sci-Unison Fitness


Start Weight – 350 + lbs.

End Weight – 250 lbs.

Details – Mario turned to Sci-Unison Fitness when his weight and lifestyle began to wreak havoc on his health. He knew he had an uphill battle at hand, but he made the commitment to change his life. Our goal was a slow, steady, yet consistent approach to his weight loss. There were no crazy starvation diets involved. We both wanted the weight loss to be permanent. Throughout the process he also gained considerable strength and muscle mass. This transformation is big milestone for Sci-Unison Fitness as Mario was the first client to lose 100 pounds. He was awarded the Sci-Unison Fitness Achievement of Excellence Award and the title of 2013 Sci-Unison Fitness Client of the Year.  Truly inspirational story.

Program – Extreme Physique Transformation + SUF JunkYard Group Fitness Training