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Nutrabio extreme nitric stack is one of the purest and effective nitric oxide supplements on the market. When it comes to a pre workout supplement I am very picky with the ingredients. I also do not like fillers or sweeteners. I am looking for performance and results and not a damn thing else.

As I have stated before, I like to purchase individual ingredients and mix them all so that I can take in the ratios that I feel work best for me.

However, not everyone wants to play the role of a chemist before they go to the gym. Some people like things the simple, yet effective way. For you guys the Extreme Nitric Stack (ENS) is the perfect fit.

I recommend the ENS to a large portion of my clients for two basic reasons….

1) ease of operation aka the convenience factor, and 2) the ingredient breakdown.

Here is a label from the Nutrabio Extreme Nitric Stack:


As you can see it is a pretty good mix of highly effective ingredients. It is a great blend for pre workout.

A quick summary:


  • increases protein synthesis
  • promotes nitrogen retention
  • increases recovery ability
  • improves immune system


  • boosts nitric oxide
  • blood volumizer for bigger pumps
  • stimulates growth hormone
  • improves nutrient delivery


  • improves absorption
  • boosts protein synthesis
  • helps to maintain glucose intake

Beta Alanine

  • Increases muscular endurance for more intense workouts
  • increases strength and allows you to train harder and longer
  • helps to delay muscle fatigue

Creatine AKG

  • improves muscle strength and size
  • cell volumizer
  • improved performance
  • quickly replenishes ATP

Creatine Ethly Ester Malate

  • creatine with superior absorption capabilities
  • no cramping, bloating, or water retention

Citrulline Malate

  • increases nitric oxide productions
  • augments AKG
  • reduces lactic acid
  • improves muscle performance and recovery
  • bigger pumps for better nutrient delivery
  • helps to clear body of waste and toxins

OKG (Ornathine Alpha-Ketoglutarate)

  • boost protein synthesis
  • bigger pumps for better nutrient delivery
  • decreases protein catabolism

So as you can see you cant ask for a better pre workout supplement in terms of the pure fundamental ingredients. If you are looking for the best bang for the buck, ease of operation, and product that will deliver, then Make Progress, Not Excuses and grab a bottle of Nutrabio ENS.

The Extreme Nitric Stack, or the ingredients in the ENS have been used by 85+ % of the Sci-Unison Fitness Physique Transformations.


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Nutrabio Extreme Nitric Stack is pharmaceutical grade – 99.88% pure with no fillers or additives.

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