Nutrabio Flavored BCAAs Now Available

I have always used Nutrabio BCAAs in my supplement stack. Up until recently Nutrabio only offered unflavored BCAAs. I continued to take them despite other companies offering more attractive flavored options. I stuck with Nutrabio because I trust their purity and quality.

BUT now Nutrabio is offering some great flavored options. I have had the pleasure of sampling each of the flavors and I love them all. An added benefit to choosing Nutrabio BCAAs is that although they are flavored, They are NOT colored. Again this speaks to Nutrbio’s emphasis on quality and purity.

I am proud to be affiliated with such a great company focused on delivering top quality products to its customers.


Benefits of BCAA Supplementation

  • Enhanced ability to build, repair and strengthen muscle tissue.
  • Increased muscular endurance
  • Faster metabolic rate
  • Appetite suppression
  • Helps Preserve Lean Muscle

BCAAs are extremely important and vital because they are not affected by the liver and go directly to muscle tissue. This is critical for muscle growth, repair and recovery during and after intense weight training session.

BCAA supplementation also works to reduce the amount of tryptophan that reaches the brain. Tryptophan produces seratonin, which will signals the brain that the body is tired and fatigued. BCAAs works to reduce these signals and combat decreased strength and endurance associated with increased seratonin levels.

Incorporating BCAAs into your supplementation plan can also help with appetite suppression. BCAAs will provide an adequate amount of amino acids to flow throughout the bloodstream. This will often signal that the body is well fed and result in less unwanted and/or unscheduled hunger attacks.

When to take you BCAAs

In or around your weight training session – On days that you will be weight training, it is ideal to have a nice dosage of BCAAs around this time. You can have them 30-60 mins before training, during training, or immediately after training. The advantage to having BCAAs prior to or during training is that they will work to suppress cortisol levels. And for anyone looking to build muscle, we know that cortisol is the ENEMY !

First thing in the morning – Taking BCAAs first thing in the morning will lead to rapid absorption. Upon rising the body metabolism is at its fastest, there is nothing in the stomach and the muscles are like sponges ready to take in nutrients. Great time for BCAAs. On training days you can take a dose here and another dose in or around your training session.

At night, towards the end of the day – Taking BCAAs at the end of the day can help keep protein synthesis and GH levels elevated and cortisol levels low. Once again, this is very good !

Experiment with your dosage times to see what works best for you. It can become rather tedious and expensive to take the BCAAs three times a day, but if you have the patience and the money it will help out a lot. Try not to exceed 20 grams in one day.

nutrabio-bcaa- supplement-factsBCAA Ratio

Look for a 2:1 ratio of Leucine : Isoleucine and Leucine : Valine

Ex. 5 gram dose of BCAA =

2.5 grams Leucine

1.25 grams isoleucine

1.25 grams valine

Nutrabio ratios check out.

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