Nutrabio PRE Extreme Review


Review by: Josh Walker WNBF Pro

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The first thing that should stand out to everybody in a pre workout is the drive and focus it brings. This focus helps to maximize your training session and gives you the best possible mind/muscle connection. The end result is a
muscle filling pump. In terms of Focus and drive, I rate this product a 10/10.

The pump that this pre workout delivers is ridiculous. Why? Becasue of the pure ingredients that have been proven to maximize blood volume. You wont find any deceptive pproprietary blends in there either. There is a full disclosure label that lays out all the ingredients for you. In terms of the Pump I get and the feel, I rate this product 9/10.

I also like the taste of this product. Taste isnt always everything to me as I would rather have a supplement that works rather than one that taste like koolaid and doesn’t effect me at all. The great taste of this product combined with its effectiveness makes this once of the better overall pre workout supplements. On a taste scale, I rate it 9/10.

This by far is one of the best pre workouts I have had to date! Everybody should have this in there supplement bag!



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