Online Scams and Deception

I love being a personal trainer, and I love the life that I live. However, there are things about the fitness industry that I just down right hate.

One of them is online fitness scams.
scams-1These scams and bogus websites give websites such as mine a bad name. I am sure you have come across a few of them. The ones with all the models standing behind some product that is average AT BEST. What they don’t tell you is that most of the HIRED models are on steroids and don’t actually take the product they are endorsing.

They also dont tell you how alot of their photos and before and afters are heavily manipulated and doctored.

How did this industry become to shady and corrupt. All the lies and deception need to stop.

How fair is it that these people sell out and stand by a product that doesn’t work, or they don’t take or both. Then the uninformed public blindly follow the lead and purchase the product because they want to look like the model endorsing it. Or worse, people rush to purchase based on the long list of before and after photos that are a complete forgery.
scams-2Get Ripped in 4 weeks !? I’ve seen that add plenty of times. When you click it you are usually redirected to a site telling you to sign up to receive your FREE TRIAL. Just make sure you read the fine print before these people scam you too.

If you have ever clicked on those ads you are taken to bogus personalized site (depending on your location, the ad will create a story on the right column telling you that the owner of the site is named “Jeff” and that he lives in your city and is about your age or demographic). The site then displays questionable before and after pictures of people who have made “incredible transformations” with the use of the products listed. In addition,  act now and you can get a free 14 day trial and that with the coupon code. All you will have to do is pay 1.95 shipping and handling. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

These sites use a “negative option” which automatically begins billing your credit card within a 14-day time period. Here’s an example of what most of these sites say in the fine print…

When you place your order today, you will automatically become a part of our elite customer club. Your active credit card will only be billed $4.95 for the shipping of your 14-day day trial.

Not bad thus far? Only $4.95 and that’s just for shipping. Continue reading…

If you choose to keep your trial, your active credit card will be billed the low member price of only $79.95 for your trial and each additional month you continue to use [fill in product name here].

So in reality, your “free trial” will REALLY be an $84.90 trial !!

This is shady and deceptive.

Do these products really work “Work”?

Some of them may yield some results, yes. But the site and the advertising behind it are a complete scam. A scam that predicts and hopes that you will be stupid and gullable enough to fall for it deception.

Sci-Unison Fitness Guarantee.

Rest assured that is an authentic site. Real people, real results, REAL PHOTOS and REAL TESTIMONIALS.

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