Intelligent Intensity


Intelligent Intensity is an online personal training program developed by Ryan Sullivan of Sci-Unison Fitness.

Learn how to Train hard, but also smart. Intelligent Intensity is an online training program that will increase the effectiveness of your weight training. Discover simple yet effective ways to dramatically increase the weight on all your lifts. Stop falling victim to “Same Old Workout” syndrome.

Allow me to constantly monitor and adjust your training frequency, training split, target rep range, set total, rep tempo, intensity level and volume level. I design my programs to absolutely blast through ruts and/or plateaus.

In addition, I will teach you the causes, effects, and symptoms of over training. Once you understand this phenomenon you can work to avoid it. Everyone is different, so let me fine tune your weight training to best suite your needs. With all my personal experience in addition to the 100′s of clients I have worked with, I know what works and what is just hype. You have trained all the other ways, now train the Sci-Unison Fitness way.

Program Details

Your Personalized Program Includes:

  • The Sci-Unison Fitness E-book: Science + Fitness= Maximum Results. A physique changing read for all levels; from beginner all the way up to competitive natural bodybuilder/figure competitor. details
  • Members Only Access to for the length of your program. details
  • SUF Messaging. Unlimited support via email and instant messenger. Quick turn around for replies and advice.
  • Monthly Sci-Unison Fitness Training Charts customized to you. These charts will list which days to train, target body parts, training style, set totals, rep ranges and cardio to perform. All the variables are accounted for and will be periodically changed to avoid hitting a plateau.
  • Sci-Unison Fitness Workout Plans that go with your monthly training charts. These workouts will be appropriately challenging and will provide a strategic plan for EVERY workout for the length of your program.
  • Over 130 Exercise Demonstration Videos to match up with the exercises from your workout plans. details
  • Tracked Progress through scheduled weigh-ins, progress pictures, surveys, and weekly check-ups.
  • Exclusive video content that will cover how to properly perform effective Intensity Training Techniques.
  • Downloadable Powerpoint Presentations that cover the fundamentals of a balanced and healthy diet, food labels, weight training and much more.
  • Sci-Unison Fitness Video Lectures that will teach a wide array of topics related to proper diet, exercise and supplementation. details

** Daily Macronutrient Levels will be mapped out for you with each and every chart. Know exactly how many grams of protein, carbohydrates and fat to intake each day. This will also include carb cycling, carb spikes, and much more. ** This is an add-on feature and other fees apply.

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