Payment Plans

Q1. Who stands to benefit from the Payment Plans set up by Ryan Sullivan and Sci-Unison Fitness ?

A1. Anyone wishing to get in the best shape of his/her life, but does not wish to pay for a specialized program in full

Q2. What are the advantages of setting up a monthly payment plan Sci-Unison Fitness.

A2. Advantages:

  • Flexible payment options
  • Automatic monthly payment processing
  • No Interest
  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up

There is NO set terms to any of the payment plans that I offer. Terms of each agreement are negotiated with each individual client. These plans should be thought of as financing a car; the more money that you provide as a down payment, the less your monthly payment will be.

Q3. How do I enroll in a Sci-Unison Fitness payment plan ?

A3. Return to the “Services” Link of the web page and browse through the programs that I offer. Next, look through the pricing and sample payment plan options that I offer for the program(s) that you are interested in. Then, give me a call at 631.539.6343 and we will develop a payment plan that is right for you. I offer payment plans that meet every budget.

Q4. When are the payment plans processed ?

A4. All payments are processed automatically on the 15th of each month until your remaining balance is paid off.

Q5. Is my personal information safe with Sci-Unison Fitness ?

A5. YES. ALL personal information is 100% private and secure and will never be sold to ANY third parties.

Dont put your wallet on a “Crash Diet”

Pick up the phone and call 631.539.6343 and set up your Flexible Monthly Payment Plan TODAY.