Performance Enhancing Drugs – An Evolving Position

I am a proud Libertarian and have been for a while, therefore it was inevitable before those principles found their way into how I conduct and maintain business. For those who are unfamiliar with Libertarianism…

Libertarianism is the group of political philosophies which advocate minimizing coercion and emphasize freedom, liberty, and voluntary association. Libertarians believe that each person owns his or her own life, body and property, and has the right to make their own choices as to how they live life – as long as they simply respects the same right of others to do the same. The Golden Rule is to Live, and Let Live.

These beliefs have allowed me to evolve in regards to my position on performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). For a very long time I have been very closed minded in terms of PEDs and looked at things with a very black and white approach. I have come to the conclusion that I was mistaken and it is my belief that there exists a clearly defined gray area. However, I will always be an advocate for a natural approach first. Natural Bodybuilding is my roots and something I will always support.

The purpose of this writing is to officially lay out a Sci-Unison Fitness policy platform that covers PEDs. This policy statement does not disqualify anyone who doesn’t share the same beliefs from becoming a client. However, it doesn’t ensure that acceptance will ultimately be guaranteed. Everything will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

1. New Terminology 

Over the years the most common term for steroids has become Performance Enhancing Drugs or PEDs. In my platform I seek to add another term; Performance and Health Enhancing Hormones or PHEHs.

Referring to a substance that occurs naturally in the body as a “Drug” is off base, unless it is abused like a drug. When a person abuses these hormones it can lead to health problems and eventually degrade ones quality of life. In this case the appropriate term would be PEDs. Elevated performance at the expense of good health is unwise  in the long run.

In the quest for greater performance, good health should not be sacrificed. The goal should be to have performance increases and health levels rise in a near directly correlated manner. When these hormones are not abused they can have enormous benefits to ones health, performance, and quality of life. In this case the appropriate term would be PHEHs. As with most things, use is much different than abuse.

Use = PHEHs    Abuse = PEDs

 2. No Performance and Health Enhancing Hormones Before the Age of 30 

During your teens and 20′s is when one’s natural testosterone levels are at their highest. Once a male reaches the age of 30 there is a slow decline in testosterone levels. This is the time that would serve as the most reasonable and legitimate time to explore options in terms of PHEHs. It is proven that having low testosterone levels can be dangerous for ones health and comes with a long list of side effects. PHEHs can aid in solving that problem.

3. At Least 5 Years of Consecutive Natural Training

Before turning to enhancement it is crucial for one to learn and understand the natural state of his/her body from a training and nutritional standpoint. It is also much better to go into enhancement with a real and natural muscular base. Building up a base over the course of years will provide a near permanent foundation from which the enhancement will improve upon. This is a much better choice than to use enhancement to gain all the desired muscle, because then once enhancement is over there will be little to nothing left. This can lead to abuse and dangerous dependence.

Training and dieting as a natural for consecutive years prior to enhancement will teach you to respect and appreciate the power of enhancement, while knowing how to react once an enhancement cycle is over.

4. Safe and Responsible Doses

Making the decision to use PHEHs in a safe manner can enhance performance, health, and standard of living. This can be achieved by using safe and responsible doses. Heavy doses and abuse will dramatically increase the probability of adverse side effects. Prolonged abuse can negatively impact health and ultimately reduce left expectancy. It is essential to consult with an expert in order to determine proper dosage protocols in order to both safe and responsible.

5. Enhancement, Not a Short Cut

It it crucial for one to learn his/her body well enough in a natural state prior to turning to enhancement. If one never learns how to properly eat and train in a natural state, a dangerous dependence can develop. Enhancement can form a false sense of security and confidence in ones methods which may not be applicable to a natural or off cycle body. The truth is that diet and training become exponentially easier while taking PHEHs.

When using PHEHs one can consume significantly more calories with far less fat accumulation. This allows for a much higher margin of error in terms of a nutrition approach. One can cheat more, be much less precise, and yet still achieve desirable results. Training is also much different as over training becomes far less likely due to the enhanced recovery abilities that PHEHs provide. There exists no real balancing act between training and over training. It is also highly possible for one to achieve desirable results with even the most elementary approaches. The problems start to arise when an uneducated person cycles off PHEHs and attempts to eat and train in the same manner. The pace is unsustainable and usually leads to drastic fat accumulation, muscle loss, and even complete abandonment of any productive training and nutrition regimen.

Simply put, when a person is off cycle, they are in a natural state. So if no time or attention was ever given to learning and mastering a natural state they are essentially powerless, clueless, and useless without enhancement. This will lead to more hormones, in higher doses, for longer periods to compensate for lack of any off cycle/natural state knowledge. This is the definition of dependence, and the transition of PHEHs to PEDs . The hormones are needed in order to achieve results, then majority is lost while off cycle due to poor training and nutritional practices. Rented Muscles.

PHEHs as a Short Cut – Up, Down, almost a zero sum game.

PHEHs as an Enhancement – A Zig, Zag non linear path of progression

6. Stay In Your Appropriate Field

If you are enhanced and have not spent a considerable amount of time as a natural (at least 5-7 productive years straight), do not tell a natural athlete how to train or eat in any significant depth or detail. Doing so can ultimately confuse the natural lifter/athlete. Giving vague tips, pointers, and exercise ideas is harmless and acceptable; designing or discussing in depth programs in a realm that you yourself are unfamiliar with is both foolish and potentially dangerous. This works in the opposite direction as well, just not nearly as dangerous; a natural attempting to do the same for someone enhanced.

In depth information sharing is only useful in the following situations:

A) A natural decides to enhance himself and turns to another enhanced lifter or athlete for advice and information.

B) An enhanced lifter or athlete turns to a natural for advice for his off cycle/ natural state training and nutrition approach.

7. Don’t Be a Cheat

While making the decision to turn to enhancement is a personal decision, ones actions still should be guided by a decent moral and ethical compass.

If you are an enhanced lifter/athlete and attempt to avoid detection in order to compete in a tested, enhancement free sport, you are not only a fraud but also a disgrace. Play by the rules or dont play at all. Eventually the truth always comes to light.

Again, from the standpoint of a libertarian, it is no one’s business what you do in regards to your personal life as long as you don’t hurt anyone in the process. So therefore one should not have to openly label themselves as enhanced if he/she chooses not to. But, do no dare use enhancements and then openly claim and boast to be natural. Leave it unspoken, do not openly lie. This can fool and convince others that you are more knowledgeable than you truly are. This can have a negative impact on those you advise and other people in the health/fitness industry.

 8. A Message to Newly Enhanced Lifters/Athlete

If you were never asked for advice and never gave it while you were natural, don’t start doing so once you start enhancement. Curious and sometimes vulnerable people will be eager for you to share your secrets to success.The real secret is that all your new found results came out of a bottle. You do not have to make this fact public, but don’t dare act as if you know what you are doing on any professional level. If you were clueless as a natural, you are still clueless weeks into your first ever cycle. The only difference is that the enhancement is masking your lack of any true knowledge and the mirror is giving you a false sense of positive reinforcement. Do not use your newly enhanced look and new found confidence to start spreading fundamentally flawed principles. Humble yourself, or someone else will.


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