Recovery in Austin Texas

Time to take some recovery time off from my Sci-Unison Fitness training program and I decided to do it than in Austin Texas. Right now I am in the middle of a 12-14 day recovery phase. Testing and fine tuning both the Frequency Focus Physique (2FP) and the Shoulder/Arm Focus plans really took alot out of me. I typically take a nice time of leave from the gym every 3-4 months. Since I had to work out some issues with the programs, this time around I reached almost the 5 month mark. There were added recovery days sporadically thrown in but a day here and there never equals continuous rest.

One of the main issues was with the 2FP program. The first month or so was easy stuff for me in terms of routine and practicality. The issues I faced was how to make each month progressively harder without pushing too much. Therefore, extra time was spent trying to find a careful balance between the appropriate amount of volume, frequency, and intensity. This added time is what really began to wear me out.

Next the plan was to transition into a regimen that focused on the shoulders and arms all while not neglecting the other bodyparts. Once again, careful balance is required. At about 6 weeks into the program I could feel all the signs of over training kicking in. I no longer yearned to train, I always felt tired yet could never fall asleep, sexual drive suffered, and I was constantly irritated (more so than usual lol).

Thats what led me to where I am now. I am about mid way through my recovery phase. The first 7 days consisted of no weight lifting and only walking. On a side note, I took an awesome trip to Austin Texas and the weather was beautiful. Perfect timing for a nice recovery phase. This made it much easier to keep my walking activity high. Loved it there. Here is a photo of me in front of the gorgeous capital building in Austin…


So anyway, for the final days of my recovery I plan on doing low intensity cardio a few times. I plan to ride my bike to the gym as often as possible as well. Once again, all low intensity. Still not major lifting planned. I will however be doing some light stuff at home every other day. this consists of mostly pushups, and light circuit training using only 10 pound dumbbells and some resistance tubes.

I can feel my body recovering and my mood is elevating as well. I am sure that by next week I will be 110% ready to tear it up in the gym and get back to work on testing and tuning my new Shoulder/Arm Program.

Stay tuned and remember that recovery is a good thing !

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