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– The Peak Physique Blueprint Fitness EBook –


Nearly everyone wants a better physique right ? I believe so, and there is nothing wrong with that. What worries me is the path many people choose in the attempt to reach their goals.

  • Some will starve themselves
  • Some will over-train for hours and hours and even resort to two-a-days
  • Some will fall into the marketing trap of the supplement companies and buy the newest and hottest product
  • Some will resort to illegal drugs such as steroids
  • Some will just keep doing the same non-productive things over and over in hope of a different result.

What the Peak Physique Blueprint has to offer you

  • Advanced Training Techniques used by top Natural bodybuilders are revealed
  • Learn the differences between all the different body types and the training and nutrition approaches for each
  • Discover the keys to performing less, but much more effective cardio vascular exercise. Sprint Routines included
  • Learn how to develope your very own meal plans
  • Input on which supplements can give you the best gains in the gym
  • Discover the fundamentals of creating a fat incinerating metabolism
  • Learn the tips and tricks to keeping your natural testosterone levels at optimal levels
  • Prepare your next grocery list based on the Sci-Unison Approved food list
  • Eliminate all the confusion surrounding the glycemic index and blood sugar levels
  • Uncover the secrets to extreme results through scientifically sound pre and post workout nutrition
  • Enough tips and pointers to elevate your weight training and diet to the next level
  • A Breakdown of each bodypart; tips and pointers for each to maximize growth and minimize injury

Table of Contents

  • Fat Loss Diet
  • SUF Food List
  • The Glycemic Index
  • Developing a Meal Plan
  • Developing a Fat Incinerating Metabolism
  • Body Type Analysis
  • Genetics
  • Muscle/Weight Gain Diet
  • Cardiovascular Exercise
  • Training 101
  • Body Part Breakdown
  • Intensity Training Techniques
  • Pre and Post Workout Nutrition
  • Testosterone Boosting and Sparring Tips *
  • Effective Supplementation
  • Tips and Pointers to Diet and Exercise Success
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Workout Plans featured in Muscle and Fitness Magazine.

– Intensity Training Technique Demonstration Videos –

intensity technique video

Stop hitting the same barrier with your old training routine.

It is time to discover the intensity training techniques that will help you break through plateaus.

These advanced methods have been used be the top natural bodybuilders and figure competitors in order to maximize potential.

The videos help to teach you how to properly implement and perform these techniques.

It is much more effective to see it in action as opposed to just reading how to do it.

– Sci-Unison Fitness Workout Plans –

You will get access to 5 of my workout routines that were published in Muscle & Fitness Magazine.

I will also throw in an additional two workouts that are favorites of mine that haven’t been published.

The workout plans featured are some of the routines designed for some of my top natural athletes on TEAM SUF

These routines will give you a blend of training styles that will help breathe some new life into your gym routine.

All the exercises listed in the routines have demonstration videos to match. This ensures that you are doing each exercise with the proper form.

Routines are all in PDF format, mobile friendly, and are simple to follow.

 muscle and fitness workouts


Only $39.99 for a 1-Year Membership

– Sci-Unison Fitness Video Lectures –

video lectures

The Video lectures cover a wide array of topics related to proper nutrition, exercise, and supplementation.

These videos will supplement the knowledge you gain from the Peak Physique Blueprint and expand your fitness IQ.

How To videos on some of the major lifts including Bench Press and Barbell Squats.

They are informative yet quick and to the point.

Known and appreciated on Youtube for their simple yet effective approach.

– Sci-Unison Fitness Cookbook –

Feed the Muscle, Burn the Fat !

Tasty and healthy ideas to keep your meal plans from getting boring.

Color coordinated entries for both Men and Women.

All meals are broken down and mapped our for you.

Each entry includes Protein / Carb / Fat totals listed for each entry.

Great way to learn proper serving sizes for success.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be bland and boring.



Only $39.99 for a 1-Year Membership

– Sci-Unison Fitness Presentations – 


Downloadable PowerPoint Presentations that cover the fundamentals behind proper nutrition and exercise.

Nutrition Done Right – covers the basics of a healthy nutrition plan

Meal Structuring 101 – step by step procedures to making substitutions and adjustments in your diet plan.

Understanding Food Labels – everything you need to know to better understand food labels.

Weight Training Fundamentals – background information needed for a sound weight lifting regimen.

– Cheat Meal Damage Control Protocols –

Learn how to setup damage control for you cheat meals.

What to do the day before, day of, and day after to help limit the damages of a cheat meal.

Don’t let the occasional cheat meal hinder your hard earned results.

damage control


Stop Wasting Time and Money !

Stop Making Excuses !

Start Making Progress !

Start your OWN Success Story !


Only $39.99 for a 1-Year Membership