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Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

massageSo I have been lifting weights since high school. Its been a long journey, and along the way I have had my fair share of nagging injuries and serious injuries. On top of the injuries, the punishment I dish out to my body and muscles when I train is pretty extreme.

I have been saying for year now how I wanted to get a deep tissue massage, but I never got around to it.

This time I finally did. I went a massage therapist that was highly recommended by a few people I know. Her name is Sue Saffari.She is tiny compared to me, and I thought immediately “there is no way this tiny woman will put a dent in me”. Holy shit was I wrong.  The massage was very deep and felt good in a painful way. Deep tissue massages aren’t meant to be relaxing and joyful. They are meant to get the job done.

I had her focus on some of my problem areas, such as my Lats, shoulders and lower back. She took care of everything else but paid special attention to these areas.

As she was working on me I could feel her digging deep within my muscle tissue. The more she worked, the more I felt my muscles begin to loosen up. The combination of high stress and torturous workouts had definitely left its mark.

Lets look at some of the benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage…..

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