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Hyde Park Gym Austin Texas

Sci-Unison Fitness visits Austin Texas and highly recommends Hyde Park Gym.

I recently went on another vacation in the great state of Texas. My first few times I avoided working out and focused more on other activities. This time I made it a point to get a few workouts in while in Texas.


Before vacation I went searching online for gyms in Austin,TX and I found alot of the familiar names…Golds Gym, LA Fitness, etc. I Also found a bunch of unique and private gyms as well. Hyde Park Gym was one of them.

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Sci-Unison Fitness coming to Texas

I currently live on Long Island, New York. I was born and raised here. This is where I created Sci-Unison Fitness and it will always have a special place in my heart. However, I feel as if I have outgrown this town, this Island, and this state. I feel that is is time for a true change, a new chapter of my life.

With that being said, I have my eyes set on Austin Texas as my new home. This will take a few years to happen as there are alot of moving parts in the transition, but my mind is made up. I took a trip to Austin September of 2012 and fell in love with the state. I will be returning in October of this year for another visit.

Here is a photo I took in front of the Capital Building.


In the meantime, while I am still living in NY I will be trying to spread word of my business to the Texas area. As many know, my online based programs are very popular and effective. I have clients out of state and even out of the country. Over 85% of the transformations posted on my website are via online training and nutrition programs, not in gym training. This allows me to target my upcoming new home in regards to my online based services. This is being done by sending out direct mailers to the area and creating blog posts such as this one.

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Recovery in Austin Texas

Time to take some recovery time off from my Sci-Unison Fitness training program and I decided to do it than in Austin Texas. Right now I am in the middle of a 12-14 day recovery phase. Testing and fine tuning both the Frequency Focus Physique (2FP) and the Shoulder/Arm Focus plans really took alot out of me. I typically take a nice time of leave from the gym every 3-4 months. Since I had to work out some issues with the programs, this time around I reached almost the 5 month mark. There were added recovery days sporadically thrown in but a day here and there never equals continuous rest.

One of the main issues was with the 2FP program. The first month or so was easy stuff for me in terms of routine and practicality. The issues I faced was how to make each month progressively harder without pushing too much. Therefore, extra time was spent trying to find a careful balance between the appropriate amount of volume, frequency, and intensity. This added time is what really began to wear me out.

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