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Tyrone of Team Sci-Unison Fitness Pro Debut

After turning pro last June at the INBF Hercules, Tyrone and I decided he should compete at the 2013 WNBF Northeast Classic hosted by Nancy Andrews.

This was our first time traveling for a show and we all had a great time. Everything was run very well and the show went relatively smooth. There were a few new changes we were faced with in the pro ranks. 1st was the fact that there isn’t any set weight classes as with the open. 2nd was that the pros get on stage super early for prejudging. In the open classes we are used to waiting till at  least 2pm to hit the stage. At this pro show prejudging started at 9/9:30

Tyrone weighed in at 152lbs. We later found out that his weight class cut off at about 182 lbs. Thats a 30 pound difference. Damn, welcome to the pro ranks. Here is a photo to show the size differences.


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