Tyrone Robinson Team SUF

Tyrone Robinson WNBF Pro is a member of Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding. Sci-Unison Fitness offers elite natural bodybuilding online programs as well as natural bodybuilding coaching.


Name: Tyrone Robinson

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 148 lbs contest, 165lbs off-season

Favorite Aspect of Competing: The feeling of self accomplishment

Least Favorite Aspect of Competing: The long waits during show day

Favorite Body Part to Train: All of them !!

Favorite Exercise: Squats, Bent Over Barbell Rows

Favorite Quote:  ”There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure”  – Colin Powell

Contest History:

2013 – WNBF North East Classic – Pro Lightweight – 3rd place – * TEAM SUF – Show Details

2012 – INBF Hercules; Men’s Open Bantam weight – 1st place – Pro Card Winner * TEAM SUF – Show Details

2011 – INBF Naturalmania; Men’s Open Bantam weight- 3rd place   * TEAM SUF

2011 – INBF Hercules; Men’s Open Lightweight- 5th place

2010 – INBF Naturalmania; – Men’s Open Lightweight – 4th Place

2010 – INBF Hercules; Novice Lightweight – 1st place